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Last week we introduced you to a young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was in college. Talking about your breasts in public as a young woman can be embarrassing, and doing it as a famous person is downright unheard of, at least until recently. But young women are also getting breast implants, though fewer are willing to admit it. The decision whether or not to have breast surgery is one that you, and possibly a parent, have to decide on with the help of a doctor. There are many reasons that women have these procedures, and more young women than ever are undergoing them. Plastic surgeon Dr.
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Chloe Grace Moretz appears on mag cover hugging Brooklyn Beckham… after they split up

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Girl With a Satchel: Glossy Review: Teen Vogue's Your Best Body Issue

As a Venezuelan myself, I was sad that this was the kind of news garnering international attention, but also not shocked or surprised—this is nothing new. Having grown up there, I was used to seeing these top-and-bottom heavy mannequins all over stores. They are everywhere. While the country has its fair share of problems, producing beauty queens is not among them.
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Everything You Need to Know About Boob Jobs — From Reductions to Implants

Yay Erica! Is the "healthy eating" and "controlled" eating emphasis likely to be used by susceptible people as an acceptable disguise for dieting and body control? Now not only must the body look good but be fuelled by certain types of foods- legitimating food refusal. It is , of course, a grey area after all we LOVE healthy eating etc but I think you go a long way to highlighting the ambiguity in the discussions of these issues in mainstream media. And, to give the commercial world their due, they must sell advertising and the publication itself.
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Investors are looking for the next fashion unicorn Two years ago, small companies like Stadium Goods or Naadam wouldn't have been on LVMH 's radar, but investors from Silicon Valley and at big conglomerates are increasingly interested in brands with a genuinely unique offering that can challenge established players. Cannes is officially banning selfies on the red carpet Fed up with the way that selfies slow down foot traffic and "trivialize" the grandeur of the event, Cannes 's festival director and president have decided to officially ban the "ridiculous and grotesque" practice of self-snapping. Celebs, you've been warned. Martens , gender-free store Phluid is taking things to the next level by selling those labels in a space that features custom-built genderless mannequins, open-to-all dressing rooms and store associates who themselves eschew the traditional binary. Public opinion is split, but we still wouldn't be surprised if this topper becomes a hot item amongst the streetwear crowd.
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