Adults texting

While the public often cites teens as being the most common offenders, a recent survey found that adult drivers ages were the most likely to admit engaging in these risky behaviors behind the wheel. Two out of three drivers reported using a cell while driving within the past month. Forty-three percent of adults ages reported doing so fairly often or regularly while driving, compared to only 20 percent of teens. Motorists age 60 and up were the least likely to report using a phone. The best advice is to hang up and drive. More than one-in-four motorists reported sending a text or email while driving within the past month.
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Texting Teens: Why do they text so much?

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Texting teens: Why do they text so much?

The report, titled "Adults and Cell Phone Distractions," found nearly half -- or 47 percent -- of adult texters say they have sent or received text messages from mobile phones while driving. In comparison, 34 percent of teens who text say they have done so while driving, according to a report released by Pew in September. Of all adults, including those who don't text, 27 percent said that they had sent text messages from behind the wheel, according to Friday's report. About the same amount of all driving-age teens -- 26 percent -- said they had done so. The new information might come as a surprise to adults, especially parents who are concerned about their kids texting while driving, the group says. There has been growing concern regarding the dangers of texting and talking on the phone while driving. Seven states and the District of Columbia now ban all cell phone use while driving, the Pew report says.
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Texting: Adults vs. Teens

Forget teenagers. Adults are the biggest texting-while-driving problem in the USA. What's worse — they know it's wrong. Six in 10 say they weren't doing it three years ago.
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Who owns a cell phone? If you look around you, the answer seems to be everybody—and it nearly is among young adults 18—29 years old. You might wonder: Do they really have that much talking to do? Actually, it seems not so much.
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